About Us

All members have an equal say in how major decisions are made—one member, one vote. WHC members come together at meetings to elect a Board of Directors, to approve the annual budget and approve by-laws. Each director is a member and lives in the co-op. Other members work on committees or they perform various tasks to help with the work involved in running the co-op.

The key difference between co-ops and other kinds of non-profit housing (subsidized housing for example) is that co-op members are actively involved in running their housing community. Each co-op member must volunteer time to serve on the Board or on a committee, or volunteer for some other co-op task. Members do not need special skills to get involved. They learn from one another and in special training sessions. Members get to know each other through their working together in the co-op. This involvement creates a sense of community and a safe place for children and adults.

Members play an active role

In a successful co-op like the WHC, members take an active role in its affairs—a few hours a month. This means working together with other members for the social and economic benefit of the co-op and, therefore for the benefit of each member. Members are responsible for the upkeep of their unit and its surroundings. Participation of members is critical to the democratic functioning of a housing cooperative.

Before you apply to the Westboro Housing Co-op, ask yourself if you will have the time and energy to participate. To learn more about housing co-ops contact CHASEO at www.chaseo.org.